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Kut Snake MONSTER plastic fender flares Nissan Navara D40 2005-2015 95mm (-)

Kut Snake MONSTER plastic fender flares Nissan Navara D40 2005-2015 95mm

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Kut Snake Monster fender flares 95 mm 

  • Tough and ultra flexible ​
  • No painting required
  • UV Resistant (no sun fade, no brittleness)
  • Stainless steel bolt head screws
  • Rubber finishing trims
  • Includes rubber trim and self tapping screws, black textured finish
  • Attention! This product was made for the cars produced on Thailand, if you want to use it for Spanish make you have to modify the rear flares!

These are genuine Kut Snake flares, they have the logo engraved into the flare.If there is no logo on the flare, they are NOT Kut Snake. Beware of inferior copies that are made of cheap, thin plastic that are not ABS. These cheap non ABS versions will crack, fade and go brittle in a matter of months.

Notice: Before you order read the following information carefully and make sure you understand them.For fitting the you will be drilling holes in your car. Some flares need to be trimmed slightly and/or heated with a heatgun to obtain a perfect fit. If you are not confident in your ability's, or have doubts as to wether or not you can do the job we recommend having them installed by a professional accessory installer. We accept no liability for any mistakes or damage that you may cause by fitting this product. Installation time is approx. 4 hours for a novice.

At all times the ambient temperature should be 20 degrees Celsius or more when fitting the flares.


If you have a Spanish made Nissan D40 STX Navara, you need to take extra care when fitting a set of Kut Snake Flares as they wont fit straight on like they do with the Thai made D40 Navara's.

For legal and insurance purposes, we do not recommend that you undertake the installation process yourself. Please consult a professional to fit your flare kit. The information contained in this guide is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice or a recommendation to undertake the installation yourself. You should not act on the basis of any content included in this guide without seeking professional advice. We will not take responsibility or claim liability for actions you take or fail to take based on anycontent on this guide. We will not take responsibility or claim any liability, for any damages occurring from DIY installation. 


- Drill with 4mm drill bit,  cordless electric screwdriver, Heat Gun, Sika Flex Sealant or Super Glue.

1)      First thing to do is lay all the flare pieces out next to the appropriate guards. Take off all mud flaps and any factory flares (if fitted) and "Hand fit" all the flare pieces to your guards just to check for any discrepancies between the flare and the guard.

2)      Drill out the pilot holes in the ABS plastic flares with a 4mm drill bit. Do not use a larger drill bit because then you will need to put washers on the screws.

3)      Soften the rubber molding using hot water then use a Marine Grade Sika Flex Sealant (or similar) to glue the molding onto the top of the flare edge that sits up against the guard.

4)      With the 2 piece front flares, line them up and drill 3 x 10mm holes through both pieces and bolt them together with 10mm bolts and nuts, this gives you a finer finish line.

5)       Now you need to remove the Nissan Navara Window Washer Bottle from out of the drivers side front guard before you start to drill into the guards

6)       Put your flares up against the guard, then drill into your guards, using the 4mm drill bit (using the pilot holes as a guide).  Before you screw in the stainless screws, squirt a dob of sika flex sealant into the hole to seal the screw in and stop rusting taking place. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS.

7)        When fitting the front drivers side flare, the screws need to sit flush inside the guard, so they dont rub against the Washer Bottle once it's re installed

8)         Glue on a rubber or plastic barrier strip onto the guard between the cut off screws and the Washer Bottle to prevent any rubbing and wearing through the bottle with any guard vibration

9)          When fitting the front bumper flares, the bottoms will need to be heated up using a heat gun and carefully shaped into position as the Spanish Navara's front bumper is slightly different to the Thai Navara's bumper. (not too much heat as the flare will melt)

10)          When fitting the passenger side Rear Flare, the fuel cut out will need heating up with the heat gun and slightly re shaping and possibly trimming to fit properly around the fuel cap filler. (not too much heat as the flare will melt)

11)      When you have all the flares bolted on you can attach your mud flaps onto the flares and put some flat headed screws up underneath for extra security.

12)      Lastly just run over your flares set with a cloth and some CRC Armour-All to give them a nice protective sheen...............................Job done!!!